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Traveling in traffic: buying or renting a car or other vehicle in your neighborhood

In order to travel to your work or leisure activities, to take the children to school or for a night on the town, you'll find all options for traveling in this section. Dealerships of various car brands to buy a new car,  used cars, stores for motorbikes both new and used, bicycle stores, mopeds and scooters, a taxicab or minibus and public transport. For occasional traveling, you might be better of renting a car, a van or truck for a short or long period of time, a motorbike, and who knows … a yacht or a motorboat.  

Car trouble? Find the nearest garage or towing service

Of course, something can always go wrong. Besides specialized garages for specific car brands, car body repair, car windows, exhaust systems and tires, many local garages offer the best solution for quick and good service. You can obviously also go to a car-part shop and do it yourself. If this does not work, there are towing services to help you out. Running out of fuel is one of the most foolish things that can happen to you. Luckily, in Belgium we have many fuel stations, but not as many LPG stations.

Extra services for vehicles on the road

Those who want to learn how to drive a car or a motorbike can best go to a driving school. In order to do your exam for your driver's license, you'll have to go to a center for examination and car inspection. Here, you can also go for the annual checkup of your car. If you want to buy a camper van or motorhome, a trailer for your passenger car, an LPG system, or a trailer hitch, you'll have to have them tested here, too.

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