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Hotels and catering: enjoy hospitality, quality and tradition

Belgium is well-known for its high-quality hotel and catering industry. Hotel and restaurant owners, industrial kitchens and cafés use a lot of hotel and catering supplies such as dishwashers, deep fryers, and also meat machines to cut meat and meat products, potato peeling machines, cutlery, and much more. Additionally, they take great care in interior decoration. The hotels radiate warmth and a homely feeling thanks to a well-thought-out selection of hotel decorations. Most cafés make sure that they look different and are out of the ordinary. They carefully choose their café decorations and materials. And you can often enjoy the nostalgia of a jukebox from days gone by. On sunny days, you can enjoy sitting on a covered terrace with windbreaks.

Food: ingredients and food preparation define your restaurant or hotel

For the preparation of meals, hotels, restaurants, industrial kitchens and companies make use of wholesalers in food and company catering. You'll also find many wholesalers who specialize in certain foods, such as French fries stands, specialties and snack products, fish and shellfish, poultry and game retail, mayonnaise and dressings, vegetable fats and oils, meat and meat products, fruit and vegetables, pasta, herbs and spices, … At several wine merchants, you'll find a wide assortment of French, Italian and Spanish wines and spirits. For dessert, you'll find an extensive range at wholesalers an manufacturers of desserts, canned fruit, chocolate, ice, coffee and tea.

Agriculture: a rich tradition in stock breeding, grain crops, horticulture and fruit farming

In modern agriculture, manual labor is increasingly being replaced by agricultural machines and tractors. Are you a farmer who combines stock breeding with crop growing? Then you might be looking for livestock food, grains and seeds, fertilizers and an abattoir. Horticulture, the flower industry, fruit and vegetables growers are doing quite well in Belgium. Daily activities in the fruit, vegetables and flower auctions are proof of the fact that our fresh and tasty domestic products are a match for exotic products imported from far away.

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