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Building: industrial building, materials and tools

industrial and utility building and road building are important activities in the building sector. Some examples are metal constructions, the construction of sport grounds, the construction industry and construction equipment of sport halls, the construction of stables, hangars and open sheds, for which various civil engineering materials, work platforms, cranes, materials and equipment for contractors and other tools are necessary. In this section, you'll find extensive information about industrial heating, flooring, painting and materials. If you require lighting, surveying, fountains or concrete mixers, you'll find everything in the field of industrial building here.

Energy: water, electricity and gas distribution

The three major utilities - water, electricity and gas - are essential in the field of energy supply. The supply is usually provided via underground ducts. Companies in particular account for a large share of energy consumption. Besides industrial electrical contractors, energy-intensive companies often have their own high-voltage cabins and accumulators. For their water distribution, they can make use of water pumps to collect groundwater or purified water. An energy study can help you become energy-efficient. Laying electrical cables, types of sections for doors and windows and the correct setting of electrical transformers, resistors and heat exchangers and the right setup of radiators and convectors for central heating can contribute considerably to energy savings.

Environment: energy savings, water purification and waste management

Today, a lot of energy is put into the environment. There are energy-saving systems for both private persons and companies. Water treatment at home is a practical way to recycle used water for sanitary purposes, cleaning and washing. There are several water treatment products available on the market. More and more companies have their own water purification systems. If you are a company, we advise you to take your waste to a dump or sorting center. After waste management, the materials are transported to recycling companies where they are turned into reusable materials. Waste is sent to energy recovery and incinerators.

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