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Are you a person whose biggest wish is to build your own house?

Then you might be dreaming of your own house with a garden: new or to be renovated, in a contemporary or farm style. An architect can visualize your ideas. Next, you'll have to find the right contractors for housebuilding. Registered contractors can also realize and coordinate building activities for alterations, groundwork and demolition. After the foundations have been laid and concrete works have been finished, the visible parts of your house will be built. For this, you need a variety of building materials. If you are a handyman, you can do a lot by yourself, which saves a lot of money. You can rent machines and tools for private persons, and waste containers. Once the house frame has been erected, you can start the finishing: choose a suitable roofing material, fa├žade covering or pointing, lay the screed and take care of thermal insulation.

Step 2 of your house: utilities and finishings inside

A carpenter makes windows, doors, garage doors and roll-down shutters out of wood, PVC or aluminum. Some carpenters also do roofing and repair services. The next step consists of household wiring by an electrician, installing central or electrical heating, ventilation systems, boilers, solar panels and/or heaters. If you are not very creative, you can hire an interior designer for the finishing inside. The next stage is the finishing stage: painting, parquet flooring or nature stone flooring made of marble, granite or bluestone, tiles for the bathroom walls and stairs. Choose the right plumber for your sanitary installation and a professional for building on your veranda. And then you are finally ready to move in.

A lovely garden should be part of a beautiful house

The garden usually is the last thing people take care of. A landscape architect can make your wildest dreams come true. Think of how you'll take out your new garden furniture from the garden house, lying underneath a sunshade at the swimming pool, surrounded by fragrant flowers and plants, and in the evening enjoying a lovely barbecue on the terrace, when all of a sudden, the garden lighting turns on. Your house is finally finished and hopefully you'll be spared the first maintenance work at least for a while.

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