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Buy, repair or rent household appliances, televisions, sound systems and hi-fi equipment

What housewife or househusband doesn't dream of having a beautiful kitchen with all possible appliances? In Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels region, you can find plenty of specialist stores and department stores where you can buy appliances of all brands and prices and get them repaired. Most stores carry a wide range of, among other things, dryers, refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, coffeemakers and vacuum cleaners. Families on a limited budget will surely find something to their liking in a shop for second-hand electrical appliances.  Even though most electronics stores sell music systems and televisions, you can also go to specialist stores for these goods. In every city and often also in larger municipalities, you can buy or rent stereo, audio and hi-fi equipment, sound systems and CDs and DVDs or get them repaired.

Multimedia equipment: computers and peripheral equipment, Internet and telephony

Multimedia is a broad term for all forms of communication technology. Private individuals and self-employed people have now replaced the typewriter with a computer and peripheral equipment. You can find PC or Apple computers, printers, data carriers and digital storage, laptops, computer security products and other multimedia systems in different price categories. Compare them and base your choice on what you need. If you want to use a computer to surf the Internet, you'll need an Internet service provider. Used computers offer a solution for people on a small budget. When you are having computer problems, you can go to a computer repairman or buy spare computer parts and do it yourself. Web design and software development perhaps offer an answer to the professionals. Besides computers , telecommunication services form the second part of our multimedia section. Stores for telephones and DECT systems, mobile phones and accessories, GSM services and answering machines are shooting up like mushrooms. There is plenty to choose from.

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