Food from the supermarket or organic products?

Food is one of the three largest expenditure items of any household. If you're in a hurry, we suggest you go to a supermarket or department store. Everything is within reach there, but bread from the baker and a juicy piece of meat from the butcher are still very tasty. Other stores that are becoming more and more popular are health food stores, organic stores and diet stores, where sellers do their best to avoid industrial food products.

Do you enjoy the good life? Then buy your food products at a specialist shop.

Do you like preparing special meals in the kitchen, and are fresh and healthy food products important to you? Then specialist stores are not wasted on you. Fruit and vegetables from the grocery store at the corner always taste a little fresher and tastier. If you like meat, a piece of horse meat, mutton or poultry and game can be a tasty variation to the classic steak and fries. If you're prepared to spend a little more money, you can buy your fish at a fish shop and your dairy products at a retailer or cheese shop. The taste and freshness are worth the price. Drink stores for soft drinks and water, beer and ale dealers and dealers in wine and spirits offer a wide choice. If you have sweet tooth, you'll appreciate real ice cream from the icecream maker, or chocolate and confectionery made by a real Belgian chocolatier. And what do you think of ground coffee from the old days and tea direct from the Far East?

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