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Primary healthcare in case of health problems

Good health depends on environmental factors, food, social welfare, lifestyle and physical condition. If any of these factors become disrupted, we experience complaints and we start to feel ill. The doctor will examine you and prescribe medication, if necessary, which you can pick up at the pharmacy. In the case of mental complaints, the doctor may refer you to a psychologist or psychotherapist. If you need daily care, you can make use of in-home care, and a nurse will come to your house to take care of you. If you have a toothache, you see a dentist. All of these types of direct medical care fall under primary healthcare. In case of serious complaints, your doctor may refer you to a specialist, such as an orthopedist, who might refer you again to a physiotherapist or a health center for further rehabilitation, where they have suitable rehabilitation equipment and aids.

Alternative, paramedical and social health workers

More and more people are turning to alternative treatments and therapies, such as kinesiology, shiatsu, reiki and foot reflexology. This type of complementary healthcare is not covered by health insurance because of the mutuality. There is annual but limited compensation for certain natural treatments, such as acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and homeopathy. Speech therapists, dietitians, orthoptists, podologists, midwives, occupational therapists and bandagers are health workers within paramedical healthcare. For social problems, you can go to social service organizations, such as governmental services and non-profit associations.

What to do in case of a serious illness or death?

In the case of a serious illness or accident, you'll be looked after in a hospital. Different hospitals have a special department for medical prevention, palliative care, clinical dentistry, blood transfusions and so on. You can make use of ambulance services if you are not able to go to the hospital by yourself. And if you have come to that age where you need care, you are welcome in a serviced residence or a rest home.

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