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Industrial automation, a solution for the future

Even though the Belgian industrial sector is gradually making way for the service sector, we still have a lot to offer. Industrial automation offers a solution for the future, in which more and more requirements are set for systems, machines and production processes which can counterbalance the shortage of highly-qualified staff. Innovative robotization, programmable controls and accurate regulation systems offer a solution to the needs of current industrial sectors. In this section, you'll find numerous industrial machines and systems, such as refrigerators and cooling units, industrial robots, packaging machinery, industrial pumps, industrial tubing, presses en matrices, industrial centrifuges, air and gas filters. An engineering office can help you calculate optimum efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness for each application. Saving energy is also a plus if you work with new and well-adjusted industrial systems.

Manufacturers of the most diverse machines for companies

Manufacturers in Belgium rely heavily on raw materials and labor costs. Still, we have an entire list of Belgian manufacturers and wholesalers in very diverse sectors, ranging from hydraulics, compressors and welding to machinery builders, from soaps and detergents to washing machines and dryers, or from batteries to weighing and measuring and control machines. Here, you'll also find rental companies for machines and tools for professionals, such as mini power shovels, shovel loaders, concrete mixers and telescopic handlers. In addition, we also offer materials and tools for various types of manufacturers. Some examples are adhesive tapes, soldering and welding machines, dust removing systems, cutting tools, lubricating equipment, vaporizers and sprinklers, plastification machines, stapling machines and glue machines, …. You'll find everything you can think of for your production here.

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