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Marketing: communicate your message clearly through advertising

Marketing means the process of creating and delivering value while anticipating consumer needs. Marketing in practice is a combination of a good judge of character and delivery of advertising. Marketing consultants and communication consultants specialize in communicating messages to specific target groups. They have the aim of providing clients with information about products and services. Advertising also serves to stimulate and strengthen consumer activity by creating a corporate identity or brand image, which results in brand loyalty. There are different types of advertising to communicate your message. Illuminated signs and illuminated news trailers, advertising clothes, banners, posters and signs, sales demonstrations, the distribution of samples and brochures, advertising films, advertising through radio and television stations, advertising vans, advertising through direct mail and PR, … The possibilities and creativity of marketers are endless.

Advertising and communication: an entire team of employees

advertising agencies and consultants cooperate closely with graphic designers who create a corporate identity, Copywriters who come up with the messages and write texts, advertising photographers, advertising painters who design advertising signs and offset printers who print advertising products. But advertising is more than creating visual images. The gift technique is one example. This can be in the form of business gifts or promotional items, organizing an event, an incentive, distributing calendars, sending greeting cards and of course also distributing loyalty cards.

Communication through conferences and seminars

There are also companies which organize conferences or seminars, which touch on certain subjects that are linked to their products and services. On arrival, you are welcomed by hostesses and you'll receive a reader or information folder straight from the copy machine. For their presentation, they make use of audiovisual materials and teaching materials. To prevent expensive travel costs, there are nowadays videoconferencing systems which enable you to hold conferences with different people on the Internet.

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