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Natural raw materials and materials are becoming more scarce

Raw materials are materials that are used to make or manufacture something. We differentiate between natural raw materials, semimanufactured products and synthetic materials. Natural raw materials are materials from nature such as fertile soil, oil, natural gas, ores, wood and other crops. Ores are rocks which contain usable minerals, such as lead, iron, copper, zinc, tin and precious metals. We get natural stone from quarries. Natural raw materials have become more scarce in the past few decades. Therefore, it is advised to become less dependent on these raw materials for your manufacturing and to focus more on renewable raw materials. A natural raw material which is less subject to scarcity is sand, which is often used in the construction sector but also as a raw material for making artistic and industrial glassware.

Metalworking: from semimanufactured products to finished products

In production processes, more and more semimanufactured products are being used. These are non-natural or partially treated raw materials which need further treatment to become final products. The metal sector, for example, uses a lot of semimanufactured products, such as nonferrous metals gold, copper, aluminum and alloys. With the use of metalworking machinery, these semimanufactured products are treated in different ways, such as sheet metalwork, making steel wire cables, welding, slewing and pressing. Finally, you can also galvanize, chromium-plate and nickel-plate, metallize, tin-plate and copper-plate these products.

Synthetic materials as raw materials for various applications

Besides natural raw materials, people often use plastics nowadays. General and industrial plastics, such as PVC and Plexiglas, but also polyester and plastic foam are slowly replacing natural raw materials. Plastic is used for the production of plastic bags, paints, lacquers, varnishes and glues, coating elements and coatings. Different kinds of plastics machinery are used for this.

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