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Property: renting or buying a home abroad or at home

Do you want to rent a house or apartment in Flanders, Wallonia or the Brussels region? Or do you prefer to buy a house, apartment, plot of land, business premises or a vacation home? In our section real estate in Belgium, you'll find an extensive range of real estate agents. Besides real estate in Belgium, there are also various agencies for real estate abroad, where you can buy or rent houses and vacation homes. If you want to purchase real estate, you'll need a notary who is authorized to draw up an authentic deed. The notary will always charge a fee for this.

Real estate and money: Mortgage and insurance

For the purchase of your new house or vacation home, you can make use of your local bank or a savings bank. You might have a saving account for this purpose; if not, you can apply for a mortgage. On the other hand, you can also apply for a mortgage and loan with a certified mortgage broker. A mortgage means that you borrow a sum of money with real estate – your house or apartment – as a security. When purchasing or renting a home you need several types of insurance. Insurance companies or insurance brokers offer all possible types of insurance related to real estate, such as mortgage payment insurance, fire insurance, as well as travel insurance, car insurance, family insurance and much more.

Advice and help for money and lawsuits

In case of legal problems, you can make use of a legal consultant or an attorney of the Bar of Belgium. Unlike notaries, attorneys act only in one party's interest. If you cannot afford an attorney, a free attorney will be appointed for you. Attorneys often specialize in certain sectors, such as labor law or family law. For advice in the financial area, you are best off with an accountant, a bookkeeper or a tax consultant.

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