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Combine a beauty parlor and hairdressing salon with beauty products and jewelry shop

Going to a beauty parlor or hairdressing salon means taking time out for yourself, being pampered and enjoying it. It is advisable to ask for advice regarding the decoration of your beauty center, because visitors have to feel at home. If you want to start your own hairdressing salon, find yourself a professional dealer for your equipment and supplies. Specialist stores for haircare goods have a lot more to offer than the general brands in a supermarket. Professional dealers also have specific products on offer for the decoration of a beauty parlor beauty products and apparatus, such as massage chairs, massage tables and couches. If you want to set up a real beauty center, you surely want to offer a wide range of treatments, such as pedicure, massage and sunbeds. And what do you think of incorporating a shop where you can buy beauty products as well as imitation jewelry, jewelry cases, and perfumery? Your clients will surely be drawn to your attractive hairdressing salon or beauty parlor.

Safety at work or in stores: fire safety, security against burglary and industrial accidents

Security can be viewed from different angles. On the one hand, we think of fire protection. Gas detection and installation of fire detection equipment are vital. Furthermore, it is smart to have enough fire extinguishers everywhere. Jewelers and goldsmiths will have a very different opinion about safety. For them, a sound surveillance systems with cameras, an alarm system and safety glass are important measures. Consultants for industrial safety and hygiene can help you in organizing your company safety. Good safety equipment for your employees is the best preventive measure against industrial accidents.

Decoration and supplies for the independent healthcare worker

Doctors who start their own practice need a new interior, but also a lot of medical equipment and instruments. Besides specific materials and equipment for dentists, opticians and chemists, you can also find in this section orthopedic appliances, bandages, thermometers, medical gases, pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals and hygienic paper.

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