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Freelance services such as translation agencies and secretarial services

More and more, companies are in need of temporary services or advice and make use of franchising, coaching and consultants. Temporary freelance services will save you lots of costs, because you only have to pay for the services rendered for a certain project. Additionally, the service providers specialize in what they do, so you can count on high quality. Examples are translators, interpreters, fiduciaries, secretarial services or telesecretarial services, freelancers for word processing, drawing offices, leasing companies for vehicles and computers and chauffeur-driven car rental.

Training courses, consultancy and engineering offices

Consultancy and training courses present added value to your company. You can have employees take professional training outside of the office. In addition, it might be interesting to invite someone to your company to give your employees further training via personnel training or to give advice about a certain aspect of your company operations. Some examples are data-processing training, ICT consultancy, advice about the environment and advice from engineers. For the implementation of projects, there are general engineering offices for industrial automation, lighting or civil engineering available.

Financial services for your company

If you need specific employees with a certain type of experience or knowledge, you can contact a personnel recruitment agency. For salary calculations, you can hire social legislation consultants. They can also offer advice about working with meal vouchers. Remember to also have your annual accounts checked by an auditor. When dealing with bad payers, debt recovery might help you. Take into account that the agencies charge a percentage of the sum collected.

Supplementary services

It takes a lot to run a company. For example, renting an office, fully equipped if necessary, a cleaning company to regularly clean the offices, the maintenance of your computers, the setup of your bookkeeping, international reservations for hotel stays, …

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