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A day of shopping: treat yourself to clothes and jewelry

If you like fashion, clothes and jewelry, going out shopping for the day with your partner, a friend or the entire family is a sure way to relax. Parading through the shopping streets, jumping into every boutique, whether it is haute couture store or one for jeans and casual wear: who doesn't enjoy doing that? Even though larger cities usually have a lot more to offer than smaller ones, each municipality at least has its own nice stores where you can find men's clothing, ladies' clothing en children's clothing.

Shopping malls: new and popular all-in-one formula for shopping enthusiasts

shopping malls are shooting up like mushrooms nowadays and have become real crowd pullers. They offer numerous advantages due to their accessibility and ample parking facilities, with everything within reach. You can find just about anything there: from clothing chain stores to designer clothes, shoe stores with an extensive range of fashionable boots, trendy ladies', men's and children's shoes, cozy sandals and trendy sport shoes, lingerie stores with cute gadgets that every woman – and man! – dreams of, titillating leather goods, such as handbags, wallets and even school bags, trendy maternity wear, nice baby accessories, such as prams, buggies and baby clothes, stockings and socks, swimwear, jewelers where you can buy regular jewelry besides wedding rings and engagement rings, perfumeries and little stores where you can find matching imitation jewelry for your new outfits.

Besides clothing and jewelry … you can also sit on a terrace to enjoy the memory of your shopping day

Do you also enjoy reading? While you're out shopping, you'll undoubtedly see a bookstore, where you can finally find that book you were always looking for. School supplies and paper are to be found in department stores, stationery stores or specialized stores. And if you have forgotten to stop by the tobacco shop, you can always go to the night shop in your neighborhood. For now, relax on a terrace and enjoy your purchases.

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