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Logistics services and transport: a balance between just-in-time delivery and cost price

Logistics services includes organizing, planning and executing the flow of goods from the purchase of a product through production to distribution of the finished product to the final customer. Simply said: logistics services mean delivering the right things at the right time to the right place at an optimal cost price. In this quickly evolving economic world, well-organized logistics services are essential. Purchasing logistics services consists of the purchase and transportation of raw materials and semimanufactured goods. This process is a chain of events, which requires perfect timing for each chain. Depending on the time limits, the place to which the goods have to be delivered and the volume of the goods, you can choose from international transport, express freight transport, air freight service, container transport, tankers, ship owners and transport of bulk goods.

Packaging, storage and loading goods for distribution

Production and distribution are also closely linked to delivery times. If the production has been finished, the goods have to be packed for distribution. All goods require specific packing. For example, plastic, metal or paper or cardboard packaging. In anticipation of distribution, you need a warehouse. There are various systems to transport the packaged goods: Pallets are loaded onto a truck with a forklift truck or via a dock. Remember to secure your goods according to European standards. You need hoisting and lashing belts for this.

Import and export, choose the right distribution method

For import and export you'll have to fill in customs documents and submit them to a customs consultant. Forwarding agencies of hard to transport goods have to take specific precautionary measures. Some examples are computer transport, transport of art goods or of glass, transport of plants, cattle and horses, transport of automobiles, transport of hazardous materials, refrigerated transport and transport of machines and indivisible parts.

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